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Paid Maternal Leave is Associated with Infant Brain Function at 3-Months of Age.

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Behavioral coping phenotypes and psychosocial outcomes in a national U.S. sample of pregnant and postpartum women during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Social determinants of health exacerbate COVID-19 disparities in illness severity and lasting symptom complaints.

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COVID-19 patient accounts of illness severity, treatments and lasting symptoms.

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Miswiring the brain: Human prenatal Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol use associated with altered fetal hippocampal brain network connectivity.

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All contexts are not created equal: Social stimuli win the competition for organizing reinforcement learning in 9-month-old infants.

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A daytime nap combined with nighttime sleep promotes learning in toddlers.

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Adaptive rule learning of event sequences during the A‐not‐B task in 9‐month‐old infants.

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Top-down knowledge rapidly acquired through PFC-dependent rule learning biases visual attention in 9-month-old infants.

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The emergence of object-based visual attention in infancy: A role for family socioeconomic status and competing visual features.

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The origins of cortical multisensory dynamics: Evidence from human infants.

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A novel ecological model of prefrontal cortex functional development.

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Sleep and statistical language learning: Insights into cortical development and retention in 6.5-month-olds.

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Eight-month-old infants spontaneously learn and generalize hierarchical rules.

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Wakefulness (not sleep) promotes generalization of word learning in 2.5-year-old children.

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Generalizing memories over time: Reinforcement and sleep facilitate transitive inference. 

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